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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Hey Mister

Don't You love the Olden Days

Matthew Rush

The reason why soccer players are gay:

Because they wear no under wear
WHICH PROVES that they want to show it off
but gay isn't a bad thing so that just means guys should date more soccer players

For those of you who did not know brad pitt had an exclusive

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This one is Funny

Sebastian Kehl

This video is just amazing.

American History X

One of the best movies I have seen in my life. (and i have seen PLENTY of movies) and it is not because of the great nudity but because of its very very interesting story

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

There is Something I Love about college

Foreskin Special

I just so happened to come across this picture of an UNCUT, BALLSY, HAIRY close-up picture on the internet and decided I must share it with the world. 


There are many reasons why Harry Louis from UK Naked Men is my idol. The main one is that he has pectus excavatum and he still looks so hot! I have personal experience with the matter and it is hard to get over. If you do not know what pectus excavatum is, it is a rib cage deformation in the central region of the chest. This deformation is generally when your ribs cave in a bit. I would really like to know how Harry pulls off this look so well. If any of you know then I would love to know.

woa soldier!


I thought I would give you some holiday spirit with the joy of christmas in a rather large stocking. After all, it is now Christmas eve. What would you do if this muscular cutie showed up on your doorstep? I would put it under the tree and enjoy it until next Christmas. (hopefully i would get another then I would have two at my will!)

Hot Dirty boys

I'm sure this grungy guy turns on plenty of people. Why is it that you always want the hairier ones? the ones that are cute but dirty?

I love when guys don't wear underwear under jeans. There is something about peeking into a guys pants that makes seeing his dick seem so much more exciting!

The Daddy Album

I just couldn't get over how funny this picture was. I can't picture him without that stash of his I try to but I guess it has grown a part of him and he cannot take it off.
yes policemen, firemen, army men/ any of them are all good choices

I love this picture. It reminds me of the movie uptown girls because of the sheets of egyptian cotton he is sitting on haha.

Now here is a guy who has to buy custom underwear or else you know...
He has the whole package too (sorry for the pun) HAIR and BALLS. If I were to be hung with those things I don't know what i would do with them; they are probably great to feel but when it comes to wearing them, those balls would be quite difficult to control. 
What is it about hairy older men?
You can't hate them for some reason. has great short clips of guys just like this, but IT DOESN'T WORK ON MACS! That makes me angry. I'm a mac kind of guy. They have so many more options, but they come with consequences also. One terrible consequence is that they only have quicktime as their video player application.
One question I always ponder over is which one is more appealing lots of hair or no hair at all whatsoever? 
I like this picture for one reason. 
-He is an everyday guy 
Of course I have to start off my blog with this picture of Cisco Adler from the band Shwayze because he might just have the largest eggs out of any celebrity in the world. This picture was caught of him a few years ago but this year his band Shwayze has sky rocketed. Although he is no longer with Mischa Barton, he is still famous because of this revolution his band has created. His music is a new style of hip-hop. BUT whenever I see them performing all I can think about when i see him is the obvious bulge created by those balls of his.